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Precautions for the use of sludge dewatering machine
- 2019-01-16-

Sludge dewatering machineIt is a continuous-running sludge treatment equipment. Because of the low water content of the sludge, it has the characteristics of stable operation, low energy consumption, relatively simple control and management, and convenient maintenance. It is loved by the public.

Today, Hangzhou Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the precautions for the use of sludge dewatering machine:

(A) The filtration rate cannot be too slow. Because the filtration rate is too slow, the amount of treated water per unit filtration area is small. In order to achieve a certain amount of water, it is necessary to increase the filtration area, and also to increase investment. However, if the filtration rate is too fast, not only will the head loss be increased, the filtration cycle will also be shortened, and the quality of the effluent will be reduced. The filtration rate is generally 10-12m/h.

(B) Sludge treatment environmental protection equipment The mud pump is used to remove the sludge in the filter layer to restore the filtering capacity of the filter material. In order to clean the mud, there must be a certain backwashing speed and time. This is related to the size and relative density of the filter material, expansion rate and water temperature. The backwash strength of the quartz sand for the filter material is 15L/(m2·s). During backwashing, the expansion rate of the filter layer is 25%-50%, and the backwashing time is 5-6min. Only with good backwashing effect can the sand filter work well.

(C) The uniformity of the water flow, the mud pump of the sludge treatment environmental protection equipment requires the water flow distribution of each section to be uniform. To make the water flow even, the main thing is to have a good drainage system. Only the uniformity of water flow can make the filtering effect good.

The above is the introduction to the precautions for the use of the sludge dewatering machine

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