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Installation and debugging instructions for screw stacking machine
- 2019-02-07-

  Screw stacking machineThat is, the abbreviation of screw-type sludge dewatering machine is a water treatment system widely used in municipal sewage treatment projects and industrial industries such as petrochemical, light industry, chemical fiber, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, and leather. The actual operating conditions have proved that the sludge dewatering can create considerable economic and social benefits for customers.

Today Hangzhou Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the installation and commissioning instructions of the screw stacking machine:

Clean up the installation location of the equipment.

Use a level to measure the level difference of the embedded steel plate-no more than 2mm. Otherwise, it is necessary to prepare steel plate as the "backing plate" of the grille support during installation.

According to the "Installation Drawing", accurately measure and mark the location of the mounting seat on the top of the channel.

(2) Hoisting

The lifting points are the two lifting lugs close to the main driving device. The lifting lugs are hung with chemical fiber ropes. The crane slowly pulls the equipment up, aligns the installation position and prepares the equipment to be in place.

(3) Adjustment

Adjust the installation position in the lifting state, and the levelness error of the equipment host should not exceed 1mm.

Warning! The adjustment process must follow the relevant installation and operating procedures, do a good job in safety, locate and connect on site.

After the equipment is accurately positioned, fix the equipment frame with chemical anchors or anchor bolts. Do not use "expansion bolts" for fixing.

(4) Electrical wiring

Connect in accordance with "Electrical Wiring Diagram" or "Electrical Schematic Diagram".

Commissioning instructions

1. Check the oil quantity of the reducer (refer to the "Instruction Manual of Reducer"), and the oil level in the gear box of the reducer is at the correct position. It is found that the oil is lacking and must be filled, otherwise the reducer will be burned.

2. Check whether the flushing system can work normally.

3. Check whether there is a problem with the installation and whether the power supply is connected.

4. Turn the "mode switch" on the control box to the "manual" position, press the start button, and verify that the rotation direction of the grille is correct. If it runs in the reverse direction, stop immediately, and then ask an electrician to commutate the motor power of the screw-type sludge dewatering machine.

5. Start the equipment for trial run. Operators must be present during the test run to monitor the operation of the equipment, and stop in time in case of emergency.

6. Measure the actual operating current of the main drive motor and record it, and then refer to the description of "Electrical Control" in this manual to set the parameters of the electrical components. The current must be measured again after the formal running with water, and the protection current value of the current control relay and thermal relay must be re-adjusted, otherwise, the increase in the load after the water supply may cause electrical malfunction and shutdown.

The above is the installation and debugging instructions of the screw stacking machine