Food waste cleaning

Food waste cleaning

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Service background:

On November 29, 2013, the Fourth Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee proposed "Five Waters and Co-governance",Five-water governance means controlling sewage, preventing floods, draining waterlogging, preserving water supply, and saving water. Zhejiang is a famous water town, and water is the foundation of production, the essence of ecology, and the source of life. The five-water co-governance is a measure of multiple birds with one stone, which not only expands investment but also promotes transformation, and benefits the people's livelihood as well as the environment. Co-governance of the five waters is the meaning of the issue of the construction of safe Zhejiang, which is directly related to safety and stability and the harmony of people and water."It is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment", "Green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains", "Environment protection is the golden mountains and silver mountains to protect the children and grandchildren", an environmental protection company in Yiwu, Zhejiang based on the attitude of being responsible for the company itself and the society, combined with the local actual situation , Actively looking for governance solutions. In the process of searching, after comparing with many manufacturers, we finally decided to cooperate with our company. After fully understanding the actual situation in Yiwu, our company formulated countermeasures, and then independently developed a vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering pilot plant. After the pilot test achieved actual results, the equipment was further modified and optimized. So far, the first generation of our company The vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering device was basically formed, and it was recognized by customers after being put into use in the Yiwu market. Based on the concept of "people-oriented", our vehicle-mounted sludge dewatering device (sewage purification vehicle) has been upgraded to the third generation. With this as the cornerstone, our service is more efficient and convenient.

Service area:

Urban community septic tank cleaning, school septic tank cleaning, river pond dredging, kitchen garbage grease trap cleaning, piling sludge cleaning, sludge cleaning of slaughterhouse farms, corporate sewage anaerobic tank cleaning, etc.

service advantage:

1,Continuous operation, efficient sludge dewatering, short construction time.

2,Thorough solid-liquid separation and mud cake formation are convenient for subsequent processing and utilization.

3.It occupies a small area, can enter the old residential area for operation, and keep the site clean and tidy.

4.The equipment adopts CNC integration, which is safe and reliable, convenient to operate and simple to maintain.

5.Save fixed investment, long clean-up cycle, and reduce the burden on enterprises.

6.The operation is standardized, the plan is to clear, and the original facility functions are completely restored.

7,The charges are reasonable, according to the time or amount, and there is a basis to follow.

Service area:

Currently only supports areas near Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.