Corporate septic tank cleaning

Corporate septic tank cleaning

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First pool

It mainly intercepts the feces containing more insect eggs. The feces are fermented and decomposed. The loose fecal masses float up due to fermentation expansion and sink with a high specific gravity, thus forming floating fecal skins, middle fecal liquid and sinking feces. Using the principle that the specific gravity of the parasite is greater than that of the fecal and urine mixture, it will naturally settle on the bottom of the septic tank. The dung liquid is soaked and turned to dissolve the fecal mass to liquefy it and intercept the fecal residue at the bottom of the pool. Anaerobic fermentation: The closed anaerobic environment of the septic tank can decompose protein organic matter and produce ammonia and other substances, which have the effect of killing parasite eggs and germs.

Second pool

It plays a role of further fermentation and sedimentation. Compared with the first tank, the amount of manure skin and dregs in the second tank is reduced, so the degree of fermentation and decomposition is lower. Since there is no new manure entering, the manure liquid is in a relatively static state. It is helpful for the eggs floating in the manure tank to continue sinking.

Third pool

Mainly play the role of storing manure liquid. The manure liquid treated in the first two compartments enters the third tank, and basically contains no parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms. It meets the requirements of harmless manure and can be used for direct fertilization in farmland.