Sewage purification vehicle

Sewage purification vehicle

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Treatment of organic waste liquid containing N, S and halogens

Substances contained in this type of waste liquid: pyridine, quinoline, picoline, amino acid, amide, dimethylformamide, carbon disulfide, mercaptan, alkyl sulfide, thiourea, sulfamide, thiophene, dimethyl sulfoxide, chloroform , Carbon tetrachloride, vinyl chloride, chlorobenzene, acyl halides and N, S, halogen-containing dyes, pesticides, pigments and their intermediates, etc.

The combustible substances are treated by incineration. However, measures must be taken to remove harmful gases (such as SO2, HCl, NO2, dioxin, etc.) produced by combustion. For substances such as PCBs, some of them are directly discharged because they are difficult to burn, so be careful.

For difficult-to-burn substances and low-concentration waste liquids, solvent extraction, adsorption and hydrolysis are used for treatment. But for amino acids and other substances that are easily decomposed by microorganisms, they can be discharged after being diluted with water.