Shaftless screw conveyor

Shaftless screw conveyor

Product Details

Organization structure:

Shaftless screw conveyor is mainly composed of driving device, head assembly, casing, shaftless spiral body, tank liner, inlet, outlet, cover (when needed), base, etc.

Drive device: adopt cycloid pin wheel reducer or shaft-mounted hard-tooth surface gear reducer. When designing, the drive device should be located at the end of the discharge port as much as possible, so that the spiral body is in a state of tension during operation.

The head is equipped with a thrust bearing, which can bear the axial force generated when conveying materials.

Case: The case is U-shaped or O-shaped, with a rain-proof cover on the upper part, made of stainless steel, carbon steel or glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Shaftless spiral body: The material is stainless steel or carbon steel.

Tank lining board: The material is wear-resistant plastic board or rubber board or cast stone board.

Inlet and outlet: There are two kinds of square and round. Generally, the form of inlet and outlet is determined by the user.